Capital Creator

We raise investment capital (usually R 1 000 000.00 per offering), with minimum individual financial risk and then use this capital to invest in a business or many businesses either defined and created by the investors or identified as a risk-worthy investment.

The Basics

Investors will be invited to participate on a “first-come first-served” basis.

Each potential investor may offer to purchase one or more shares in the company.

To protect investors, the company is registered as a (Proprietary) Limited  and an auditing firms has been appointed to keep and audit the financial records of the company.

What We Are Creating

A capital base of R 1 000 000.00 that will be available to finance a properly planned business through investment in shares in that business.

The alternatives envisaged at this stage, subject to a majority approval of investors, are –

  • The defining of a business plan during the investment period by interested investors to create a saleable and pre-financed business which can be sold or become a further investment vehicle in which investors hold all or part of the shares.
  • The creation of a venture capital fund which can be accessed by entrepreneurs who submit appropriate business plans to be approved by the investors.
  • The creation of a investment institution vehicle that buys minority shares in many businesses, to aid entrepreneurs, which investors identify as having potential.

Meeting Schedules

Although many of the procedural and information items will be communicated via private chat groups and/or email, it is also necessary that investors get together to discuss various items, either online or face-to-face.

The major function of these meetings would be to define a business plan which may serve as one of the alternatives for the use of the capital created.

To facilitate these meetings it is strongly recommended that investors obtain sufficient data to facilitate communication.

The number, timing, duration and attendees of these meetings will be determined by mutual agreement of investors and may demand payment of a fee if there are insufficient funds to cover the cost of venue, equipment hire and catering.

Facilitation of the creation of the business plan will be conducted.