Gavin Julyan

Accountant, Entrepreneur, Facilitator,
Strategist and ePresence Evangelist

I am currently working on...

This may explain what an ePresence Evangelist does. my own capacity

I am now spending my time on solutions for doing business, using tools and software designed for remote work, that can be easily accessed and utilised after a relatively short learning curve. I am also working on giving my clients access to a shared presentation, project management, task collaboration and ecommerce environment.

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We, at GIG Institute, are developing a system that will empower our legacy coaches to remotely train, support and grow the members they are assisting toward financial independence and the creation of their own multi-generation legacy.

Gavin Julyan - Profile

Date of Birth – 11th June 1958
Birthplace and Current Residence – Johannesburg, South Africa

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Work Experience

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1988 to present

Founder and Owner

Gavin Julyan Management Investments (Pty) Ltd.

  • A management consulting practice which started as a supplier, installer and trainer of financial accounting software when personal computers were steam driven and expensive.
  • As the internet and computing developed the nature of what we did evolved into training and facilitation of both public and on-site courses covering detailed technical software topics and specialised financial topics.
  • On an ongoing basis I assisted many people to start new businesses and scale up existing businesses, usually in exchange for a shareholding in those businesses.
  • We are now spending our time on solutions for doing business using tools and software designed for remote work that can be easily accessed and utilised after a relatively short learning curve.

2017 to present

Chief Executive Officer

GIG Institute

Our legacy coaches teach and mentor our members with savings and wealth creation fundamentals, case studies and sensible ways to create wealth for future generations of your family.

1981 to 1988

Auditor and Consultant

Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young)

  • Three years completing articles.
  • Two years helping to start up a new computer audit division and fumbling around conducting the first computer audits.
  • Three years, as one of the original members of a new management consulting division, where I was responsible for supplying, installing, training and supporting clients on the use of personal computer networks and financial accounting software.


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Overall Skills

Marketing Communications
Content Managment Systems
Management Consulting
Change Management
New Business Development
Business Strategy
Strategic Planning


Taken from the GIG Institute webinar channel, where I am currently in the position of CEO.

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