Event Driven Management

Everything that you wish to do in an organisation
can be marketed or sold as an event
with a specific date, time, duration and cost.

This makes it easier to focus your resources for a specific result in a defined timeframe.


A virtual venue has many advantages over a physical venue.

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Select software  and build systems contribute to keeping your customers happy.

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Good, modern software has concentrated on ensuring that it can easily integrate with other popular software options.
This allows users flexible choices


Get all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service in one place.

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We have built a methodology that caters for, amongst other items, the following –


Efficient and automated creation of a planning calendar is the cornerstone of an event driven management strategy.


Pre-defined and automated communication and follow-up with authors and presenters causes complete programme content.


Links, tools, coaching and assistance to find, edit and create images and videos to effectively convey your message.


Assistance and advice given to sponsors in the creation of banners images and videos and the use of giveaways as marketing.


Training and supply of Masters of Ceremony and hosts with the technical abilities to deal with virtual events.


Complete communication with delegates, guests and sponsors before, during and after the event to ensure engagement and interaction.


Either the creation of a new or use of an existing payment gateway (online bank with cart functionality) to easily deal with upfront payments.


Full operational and financial reporting to assist with the facilitation of a complete post-mortem to aid the success of future events.

Popular Supporting Systems

The Creation Machine

A detailed process to assist with the creation and publication of videos on YouTube.

The Creation Machine

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Standard Operating Procedures

See an example of the web page I created to give me easy access to my own Standard Operating Procedures.

Standard Operating Procedures

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Customised Solution

We Help You
Design and Create Your Own System

Every organisation has elements of their system that are unique. Our experience means we are able to customise for your needs.