A business without systems
has no way of growing.

Free Tools

Systems are a combination of tools and discipline. If you utilise free tools then your business can have the systems it needs to scale into a large operation.

Here are some of the tools that will help.

a “must have”

A well maintained calendar allows you to make and keep promises and to re-organise when things don’t work out as planned.

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Use LinkedIn
as your website

You can easily surface ideas, drive conversations, and discover topics you care about. Your homepage is the landing page you reach when you first sign in to your LinkedIn account. It includes your feed, access to your connections, profile, messages, and notifications. Your LinkedIn Feed contains posts from your network, companies you follow, and more.

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Use FaceBook
for marketing

Create an audience that helps to establish credibility, build your reputation and spread the word about your business straight away.

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get paid to advertise

With a YouTube channel, you have a public presence on YouTube where you can upload videos and make playlists.
YouTube, the Google-owned video network, boasts over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

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sort of… everything

With over 100 proprietary features, you get to choose what you want and hide everything else.

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grownup CRM

Think CRM software is just about contact management? Think again. HubSpot CRM has free tools for everyone on your team, and it’s 100% free — forever. Here’s how the free HubSpot CRM makes your job easier…

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Set up your online store once to easily sync and sell across a website, social media, marketplaces like Amazon, and live in-person. Get started with one, or try them all.

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