With Your Coffee Sessions

Grab a coffee.

Learn something useful.

Productivity coaching
to help you start and finish your work.

With Your Coffee
A virtual co-working community
to help you get work done.

The First Cup

Use Tuesday for a 10 minute group video training call
to help your business grow.
Keep learning and motivated.
Every Tuesday at 4pm SAST.

Silent Co-working

Following The First Cup, virtually co-work with fellow members. Feel the synergy of silent coworking, the room is open for 2 hours.
Celebrate benchmarks with your peers.

Private Chat Group

Stay connected with what your fellow coffee drinkers are doing, creating, and accomplishing. A space for relationship building, inspiration, feedback, and celebrating momentum.

Get the skill and accountability you need, to get real work done,
for R 835.00 per month

You will be invoiced once accepted into the With Your Coffee co-working community.

Topics include
  • A central hub for email, to do lists, calendars, online meetings, group chats and individual chats.
  • Using a task and project management tool as a customer portal.
  • How to remember and record what you did with each prospect, client and associate.
  • Making short-form videos for information distribution.
  • Interactive cards as a means of training specific skills.
  • Is a bookmark tool worth the effort?
  • Conversational forms that don’t need a website.
  • Event marketing as a growth tool.
  • Making videos with PowerPoint.
  • Simple software to organise your email while you are looking at it.
  • Automatically recording procedures (both images and instructions) for quick communication.
  • Using illustrations on your website (see this page).
  • Creating one page promotional websites without any technical knowledge.
  • Build your own no-code app.
  • …and many, many more.

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